About school start

Here is some information about the school start

Hello all students!

Most important in this letter:Please tell us if you have diseases that places you in a risk group according to Covid-19.

It is not long before 23th of August and the beginning og a new school year. We are looking forward to meeting you. As you all know is this a special year due to the corona virus. We have to take this into account. At the same time, we will also focus on making this a great year at Agder folkehøgskole. This year, it is perhaps more important than ever to go to a folkehøgskole. After a long time of home schooling and little social activities, this can be a great experience.

The first days at Agder folkehøgskole
The classes will be school cohorts (Tourism class will be divided into two groups). The classes will stay together at the dorm, eat together and sit together for communal hours (when this starts).
The first 10 days will be special. Then we need to pay extra attention to hand hygiene, good cough etiquette, distance and transmission control. After 10 days we can have more normal contact with each other. At the same time, it is important to avoid as much contact with people outside of school as possible to prevent getting infection into school. Currently, the level of transmission in Kristiansand is low.

About the opening 
 The opening dinner (starts 6pm) will only be for students and staff – no parents. There will be some coffee and light food for followers.
The dinner on Sunday will be in the dining room. You will meet your class at 6pm and then go to the dining room together. We have a large dining room that can be expanded. While expanded it will fit students including a safe distance between everyone. If the weather is nice, we'll be outside after dinner.
Normally we start the days together in the aula. In the first 10 days, most of the information will be provided in the classes. Some short sessions will take place in the expanded dining room.
After the first 10 days we will celebrate with a shellfish party in South Norwegian style!
Please remark the following:
  • If you have respiratory tract symptoms, fever, colds - do not come to school, wait until you are healthy. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should be tested.
  • Only one following person is allowed into your room when you arrive. Keep a safe distance from others.
  • There will be hand sanitizer gel at the entrances of the dormitory – remember to use them.
  • Try to avoid places with infection risk in the days leading up to the start of school.
Rules for Quarantine in Norway
  • Quarantine for 10 days
  • Do not go to work or school. 
  • Do not use public transport. 
  • You can go for a walk, but keep a safe distance from others, well over 1 meter. 
  • You can carry out necessary errands to the supermarket or pharmacy. 
  • Avoid visits.
Green, orange and red level
 In Norway we are using the “Traffic Light Model”. The first 10 days we will have an orange level. If everything looks ok after 10 days we will change to green level. You will get more information at the school.

The most important rules to remember
  • Wash hands frequently (or use hand disinfectant)
  • Keep a safe distance from anyone other than the cohort
  • Follow good cough etiquette
  • if you are feeling sick, stay at your room
Are you in a risk group? 
If so, it is important to let us know. This will affect how the students are placed together, and for any action if there is an outburst of Covid-19. Please inform by sending a mail to   kontor@agder.fhs.no.
On this page you can read more about risk groups (both in Norwegian and English) ang reneral about how Norway deals with it. https://helsenorge.no/koronavirus/risikogrupper

We wish all of you Welcome to Agder folkehøgskole!