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There is no tuition fee, - the education is free. What you pay for is room and board etc. The fee includes lodging in double room, 3-4 served meals every day, teaching material and study trips. There is also an admission fee (innmeldingsavgift). If you want to stay in a single room there is an additional charge (Tillegg for enerom). Prices.


Admission on Norwegian folkehøgskoler start 1. February. You can apply earlier but get a response quickly after the admission has started. However, if you need a visa to study in Norway you can get admission already in December. The visa process in Norway can take a long time. We therefore recommend all who need a visa to apply the school as early as possible.

Who Are The Students?

The school is open for everybody, as long as they have passed 18 years. We have had students from all over the world: England, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovakia, The USA, Germany, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belarus, Canada, Columbia, Japan, China and Vietnam. Most of the students will come from Europe.

The Site

Agder Folkehøgskole is beautifully situated close to the sea. The possibilities to enjoy outdoor activities are uncountable. Søgne community is known for its rich and well-functioning culture activities and music life. In addition, this place is truly an Eldorado for people who enjoy outdoor activities: fishing, boating, a variety of different sport-teams and clubs - just to mention a few.

Not far from school

A modernly equipped riding centre is situated only 4 km from the school. In the same area you will find Åros, a nice sandy beach. Tangvall is 5 km from school with restaurants, shops, library etc. The nearest city, Kristiansand, is only 16 km away. Here you will find theatre, cinema, restaurants, discos etc.

Do you like skiing?

The school has a cabin at a ski resort, Hovden, where the students can practice their skiing skills. Hovden is situated in the high mountains of Norway. You will find several ski lifts and a lot of options for downhill skiing. Or you can go cross-country skiing in the lovely mountain scenery.

The History and Organisation

The school was founded in 1910. It is a private establishment and owned by a separate foundation. It is an open-minded school, not bound to any kind of political or religious views or organisations. The school board is composed of members from the county council and local government, the headmaster, a representative from school and a representive from the students.

The Objects Clause

(which is adopted from the founder of the folkhighschools, N.F.S.Grundtvig) is, in short, that every person is unique and in possession of qualities and abilities. The purpose for our school is to be the arena for developing these possibilities from your present skills without comparing to others and without any grades.

Additional Subjects

The main subject occupies 16 hours a week. In addition, the students will choose minor subjects for at least 3 hours a week. Samples of additional subjects.

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