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Information and School Calendars/schedules for 2021-22

School Calendar 2021-22

NB The Autumn vacation can be moved to the Christmas vacation, and the winter vacationcan can be moved to the Easter vacation due to the Covid-19 situation.

22.08.2021School starts with a banquet.
01.10.2021Last day before Autumn vacation.
11.10.2021First day after Autumn vacation.
17.12.2021Last day before Christmas vacation.
03.01.2022First day after Christmas vacation.
18.02.2022Last day before Winter vacation.
28.02.2022First day after Winter vacation.
08.04.2022Last day before Easter vacation.
19.04.2022First day after Easter vacation.
13.05.2022End-of-the-year banquet.
14.05.2022The End - Time to start journey home