The day starts with a plenary morning assembly. After the assembly you will join your main subject class. Later at the day, perhaps you'll play volleyball, may be join the salsa dance class or one of the other additional subjects. You will also experience events, concerts, lectures, etc.

Subjects and activities

Our school has a flexible schedule and offers many different additional subjects. This will give you lots of opportunities. You create your own school year based on your interests and motivation! 

Teaching stretches from kl. 9am to 8pm, depending of which subjects you choose. Working rooms/workshops, equipment, and students are available for academic work all day until 10.30pm, all week! 

In addition to our academic lessons, you will get other impulses through concerts, exhibitions, lectures, activities, excursions and more. 

Teaching takes place in many venues and in many forms. Class activities, seminars, elective and plenary experiences will give you a varied and adventurous schedule. Learning occurs in many contexts also outside of the classroom. What happens between people at evenings or at the dormitory, gives the folkehøgskole year a very special opportunity for learning and development – in many aspects. The school facilitates you with important impulses through activities, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, foreign trips and more –some are mandatory, other are not.

Main course (16 lessons a week)

During the year all students will participate at one of our seven main courses. If you do not speak Norwegian, the International course will normally be an obviously choice. This is the class for learning Norwegian. However, the course Outdoor Life is also a possibility. The various courses and interests among students provides a diverse and exciting environment which produce inspirational concerts, school newspapers, exhibitions and films. The different classes can also work together on cross-curricular topics such as music/drama, film music, animation and art projects. Classroom will be open all day if you want to work by your own. 

If you don't speak Norwegian you will choose Norwegian Language & Culture. If you speak Norwegian you can select one of our other courses:

  • Art - Mexico
  • Film - London - New York
  • Global Development
  • Photo & Backpacking
  • Outdoor Life Photo Travels
  • Tourism and Development

Additional subjects (2 or more lessons a week)

You will choose among lots of different additional subjects..You can choose between "theoretical subjects" like philosophy, Russian language and jazz history or between practical/creative subjects such as volleyball, ball games, choir and art. You can choose subject to amplify your main subject or to give your school year a more diversified profile. How many subjects you choose depends on your wish, where on your schedule your desired subjects are located and capacity.


Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig, Danish priest, historian, poet is the founder of folkehøgskolen. The first school was founded in Denmark in 1844. 20 years later sterted the first school in Norway. Grundtvig was an opponent to the church’s old fashion ethic philosophy. He was concerned about that people should not be directed, but then, all men were resources that should be developed from their current standpoint. He wanted to enlighten and inform the people rather then tell them what to do. The education should be based on a conversation where both parts are equal. These ideas are fundamental principles of folkehøgskolen.

Common subjects and activities (8 t/u)

The community, the close friendship between students, is an important part of a folkehøgskole year. Together we will create a lot of good experiences and memories. Living so close to other student combine with all joint experiences will make you friends for life. Your contribution, socially and academically, determine what you\'ll get.

The school year includes subjects and activities that focus on art, culture and society. These common experiences require active participation from everyone. We will have an exciting and varied school year. Broaden your horizon through the thoughts and expressions with pupils, teachers and guests. The school has a binding relationship with the Belarusian folkehøgksolen. We have about 15 international students. Our focus on other cultures and international cooperation is therefore granted.

Morning Assembly - Morning Assembly is the start of the first lesson, all students meet in the auditorium. Students or teachers present thoughts, experiences, poems, music etc. It is a nice way of starting the day. It is also the time for messages associated with the day that lies ahead.

Saturday Seminars Folkehøgskolen also has lessons on Saturday! we can offer a diverse range of Saturday workshops: From a tour to Lindesnes Lighthouse, throug themes like film music and mushrooms, to meeting with foreign cultures like gypsies and Buddhism. You will have approx. 10 Saturday seminars each semester. Some of these are compulsory, most of them are not.

Lecture/concert will take place occasionally during year to provide good stimuli; author visits, jazz groups, other public colleges their projects, etc. We will, of course pay attention when other classes offer exhibitions, concerts, performances, film showings or projects.

Skolens time Once a week, all students join together at "skolens time". In addition to discuss key issues associated to school life, we will be able to focus on hot topics in the news and cultural image.

Trips/excursions when you choose a folkehøgskole, you choose a country with many opportunities for enjoyments of nature and culture. The scenery ranges from the flat Lista landscape to the high mountains of Hovden. (Where the school has a cottage.) Culture includes theatre, exhibitions, folk music from Setesdalen and jazz. The classes have one or more trips to inland and abroad. See the individual lines and samples of tours we have on College folk high school

Bogrupper/vask/vertskvart To make school life working, all students have to take part in different tasks like dishwashing, cleaning of your own bedroom and shared areas of the dormitory.

Agderlørdag One of the classes invites fellow students to a pleasant evening with good food and entertainment. There is a lot of effort into providing students with a good and memorable experience.

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