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Experience outdoor life in southern Norway and the social life at school

Does outdoor life and activities look exciting?

In this subject/course, you will be able to meet students who share your outdoor interests, and who knows; you might even gain a fishing buddy or trekking friend for life? A year of personal development, where you learn responsibility through practical activities, cooperation and experience.

Many possibilities

Southern Norway offers a many varied landscape, from an exciting coastline to rivers and high mountains. You have a sea view from the window of your room. The school has canoes, access to a boat, as well as a mountain cabin at Hovden. The cabin is our base for different activities both in summer and wintertime. The location of the school is perfect for a lot of outdoor activities in the immediate vicinity.

At Outdoor Life You can experience

Active days consisting of i.e. canoeing, Autumn-/ and winter trips in the forests and mountains, coastal outdoor life with emphasis on fishing, hunting and navigation, as well as preparation of the catch, spending the night in a tent, lavvo(small teepee) or self-made shelters. Net fishing and fly-fishing in both salt- and fresh water, nocturnal crab catching, Observation of wood grouse and capercailzie mating game in the spring, first aid and rescue training.  The Outdoor Life course gives an excellent foundation for further studies in outdoor life.

Not only outdoors

Trekking and camping is nice indeed, but coming home feels good too. As the darker season approaches and winter comes sneaking in, we’ll spend some time at school for practical activities as e.g. photo editing, making lobster- and crab traps, fyke(eel and cod) nets, ice fishing gear, knives and building a smoking oven.

Natural life: The Outdoor Pantry

Gathering berries, mushrooms, herbs, catching fish and hunting game are the basics of a good meal. Using an outdoor cooker, “seven-stone oven”, smoking oven, and the school kitchen, cooking and preparing the ingredients are all natural activities in this course.

  • Theory
  • Digital photo editing
  • Environmental- and climate issues
  • Food and cooking
  • Trek planning
  • Equipment and clothing
  • Outdoor life's traits and traditions
  • Hunter course and exam
  • Biology / diversity of species
  • Coastal culture in southern Norway
  • Outdoor life management
  • 1 optional essay about nature/outdoor life/the environment

Treks and excursions

Day trips and overnight trips in the surrounding counties.  Trips to the school cabin in Hovden, both autumn and winter.

Examples of longer school trips:

  • Salmon and Sea Trout fishing in Denmark (Spring)/li>
  • 1 week trip to Belarus (Spring)
  • School trip to Thailand (Autumn)
Queries about the course/subject can be directed to Morten Ohme Ph: +47 952 02 076 or e-mail mortenohme@hotmail.com

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