The School and surroundings

Agder Folkehøgskole is located in the village Søgne, 16 km west of Kristiansand. Agder folkehøgskole is surrounded by distinct, beautiful and dramatic nature - close ti the sea. Agder folkehøgskole is the southmost folkehøgskole in Norway. Kristiansand is well connected by train, bus and air links. Ferry connections to Denmark (2 1/2 hour), Sweden and England

The School

Agder folkehøgskole with its great location allows you to start your day by enjoying a nice seaside view. Agder folkehøgskole is a frilynt folkehøgskole, which means that is religious and political independent. The school has very diverse course offers. This diversity helps to create an exciting, creative and informative environment. How to find school-directions..


The school has an auditorium with stage, video projector, 35 mm film projector, spots, audio equipment and wireless network. For class work we have a sound studio, intended for the recording of the bands and projects, darkrooms and video editing rooms. In addition there are public rooms as gym, sauna, a lounge with books, billiards and table tennis tables. We also have canoes. We also have student computer labs containing computers, scanner, CD burner and printer. The school has wireless fiber optic Internet connection in the Aula, lounge and boarding areas.

The dormitory

Agder folkehøgskole has approximately 100 students. You can choose whether you want to stay in single or double bedroom. The dormitory is newly refurbished. It is modern and has Wi-Fi internet access. The dormitory is divided into 6 parts spread over 3 floors. These six sections has weekly meetings.


Agder folkehøgskole is located just outside the city Kristiansand. The city has a rich cultural life with a young, urban environment. The city is growing and focuses on culture and education: Dark Season festival, Protest festival, culture night Festival, Figure theatre festival, jazz clubs, variety of cafés, galleries, cinemas, museums and many music venues. The new University campus, with over 5000 students helps to make Kristiansand to a very exciting city. Go to for more information.

The surroundings

Just underneath the Agder folkehøgskole you?ll find Kvernhusvannet, a nice lake separating the school from the sea. In the archipelago, just outside the lake, we have the famous outport Ny Hellesund with long and proud history from the great old period of big sailing ships. Søgne, the village where Agder folkehøgskole is located, has a vibrant cultural and music life. Cultural Centre "Søgne Old Rectory" offers an exciting variety of concerts, literary evenings with author visits, exhibitions and activities. Here is also Café and restaurant in the historic frames from the 17th century. College folk high school is working actively in this local environment with contributions from both students and teachers. The oldest findings of people living in Scandinavia have been discovered in Søgne:the stone age woman "Sol" from the year 6500 BC. You can read more about Søgne in Søgneguiden.

The vicinity

You will also visit other parts of southern Norway: The harsh landscape around Lista, Lindesnes, Setesdalen - a long northbound valley with traditional Norwegian crafts. At the northern end of the valley you will find Hovden, a ski resort, where the school have its own cabin that invites to hiking, winter as spring.

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