Året vårt så langt

Friends for life
The year so far in Agder, Folkehogskøle has been nothing short of fantastic.At the beginning of the year, I'm sure we were all pretty nervous about everything.But now we're all so comfortable with each other and absolutely love everything about our class and this year together.We started the year with many trips that I think brought us all very close together in no time.We have such a great group of people here and everyone gets along so well and there is no bad blood between any of us.Throughout the year there have definitely been some difficult times and tough days, but we managed to get through it all together.Because of all this, it has only made us stronger as friends and as family.We have all learned many things about each other and some things we would rather not know, but that is how it goes.When you love people, you know the good things and the bad things about them.Of course we have all had our ups and downs throughout the year, but everyone manages to still see the best in everyone and in every situation we have been in, but I think there have been pretty good times spent with everyone.I consider all my classmates best friends and will definitely be my friends for life.